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Best Tactics To Promote A New Product For Your Ecommerce Store

With the rising level of competition in the eCommerce market, coming up with ideas for new products takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, when you launch a new product, you want to do everything to make sure that it drives sales and increases the revenue of your eCommerce store. There is no need to wonder how you can do that. A solid promotional strategy is your way to go. 

Product promotion refers to the process of marketing a new product to your customers. It is essential to cover all the costs that you incurred to develop the product in the first place, and it is critical to guarantee the survival of this new product. 

In this article, you are going to learn some of the best ways and tactics to promote a new product, the best channels to use for this, and a couple of examples of eCommerce brands that know how to effectively promote their new products. 

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Best ways and tactics to promote a new product

The ways you can promote a new product launched by your eCommerce store are endless. However, you should choose the ones that work better for your business. Here are some of the most effective ways and tactics you can use to promote your new products:

1- Use Email Marketing

Email MarketingSource: Freepik

Email marketing is a very good way to connect with your customers regularly,  in a personalized manner, and without spending a lot of money. Moreover, research shows that emails are used by almost 50% of the world’s population, and the purchase decision is influenced by email marketing in 59% of eCommerce customers. (CaptainWords, 2022). Therefore, using email marketing is always a good tactic to promote a new product. 

It is important to know that there are many types of email marketing and that they can all be extremely useful for your eCommerce business. However, promotional emails are the type that we want you to focus on for promoting your new products. 

While promoting a new product in your promotional email campaigns, try to:

  • Highlight the value that this new product will offer to your customers.
  • Tell enough information to get your customers excited about the new product, but at the same time, do not say everything so that they would have something to be curious about. This will encourage them to click on the links in your email to know more, which will increase your email click rate and will complete the promotion process of your new product. 
  • Leverage email personalization to show your customers that you know them well and that you know that they might be interested in this new product.
  • Introduce the name of your new product in the subject line and the preview text of your promotional emails to grab the attention of your recipients. 
  • Include a catchy CTA and add attractive images of the new product. 

2- Cooperate with Influencers and content creators

Influencers and content creators

Influencer marketing is on the rise. However, according to the new digital marketing trends expected in 2023, the terms influencer and content creator will no longer be used interchangeably. This means that you will have two options in this category to promote your new product:

  • You can promote your new product by asking people who have a lot of followers and a well-established platform to promote it. These people are what we call today “influencers” and they will probably promote your product in exchange for a fee. 
  • You can also promote your new product by cooperating with individuals who have fewer followers than influencers, working on a smaller scale, and producing high-quality relatable content. These individuals are referred to as “content creators” and they will not ask you for a fee to promote your new product. 

However, in all cases, whether you are working with influencers or content creators, it is a great implementation of word-of-mouth marketing and a great way to create social proof, which will contribute to the successful promotion of your new product. 

3- Offer the product for free to your loyal customers


Do not forget your loyal customers. They are a good target to give your new product a kick start. These customers already know your eCommerce brand, trust it, and are loyal to it. Therefore, when you introduce a new product to them, it is most likely want to try it. 

Now, do you know what can make targeting your loyal customers even more effective in promoting your new product? Offering them the new product for free as a reward for their loyalty. 

Whether you are communicating with your loyal customers through a loyalty program or a newsletter, offering them a free sample of your new product will make them feel special, which might encourage them to:

  • Share posts, images, and videos of them using your product. You would be surprised how much user-generated content can promote a new product for an eCommerce store.
  • Write reviews about this new product on your eCommerce website, which is also good for social proof.
  • Recommend the new product to their friends and family.
  • Purchase more of the new product themselves.

4- Unify your promotional strategy across all your channels

promotional strategySource

It is important that you integrate omnichannel marketing into your efforts to promote a new product. This means promoting this new product across all available channels, platforms, and devices and making your message and your promotional strategy consistent in all these places.

For example, you have to make sure that, across all your channels, you are focusing on the same product features and highlighting the same values so that your customers do not get confused. 

5- Send push notifications

Send push notificationsSource:

Push notifications are also a great way to utilize mobile commerce in introducing a new eCommerce product. Push notifications are messages that pop up from your app on the mobile devices of your customers even when the app is not open or even when they are not using their mobile devices at all. What matters is that your mCommerce app is installed on the mobile devices of your customers. 

This is a straightforward, easy, and quick tactic to get your customers to know about your new product and to check it out from the convenience of their mobile devices.

6- Run a contest or launch a giveaway


Who does not get excited about a contest or a giveaway? 

Contests and giveaways are always one of the effective tools that an eCommerce business can use to get the attention of customers. Now imagine when it involves new products. It adds to the excitement. 

For example, you can run a contest on your social media platforms where you give your customers a few hints about the new product and ask them to guess what the product is. Then add spice to the competition by announcing that the first 20 people who make a right guess will get the new product for free. 

You can also launch a giveaway in which you ask your audience to share your new product on their social media or to mention their friends in your posts so that they can have a chance to try your new product for free before anyone else.

7- Use entry pop-ups and checkout upselling


Your eCommerce website is as important as other channels in promoting a new product. There are two golden opportunities that your website gives you to grab the attention of your customers:

  • As soon as they open your website

You can use entry pop-ups that show up on the screens of your website visitors as soon as your website loads. These pop-ups can be a great way to promote a new product and increase its visibility. 

  • Before checking out

You can use upselling to let your customers know about your new product right before they check out. Even if this does not get your customers to buy the new product right away, it will at least draw their attention to it. 

8- Offer special discounts and pre-orders

special discounts and pre-orders

Pre-orders are an outstanding tactic to promote a new product because they start the promotion process long before you even launch the product in your eCommerce store. 

You can even offer special discounts for those who pre-order your new product before a specific date. Here, you will be utilizing FOMO marketing in promoting your new product because people always fear missing out on such great opportunities.

9- Host virtual events to reveal the launch of your new product

virtual eventsSource:

Creating a special virtual event dedicated specifically to the launch of your new product is a great promotion tactic. It is a great way to gather a lot of people to talk about your new product and its features. 

These virtual events can range from a big webinar to a simple live on Instagram. However, make sure that you encourage your audience to attend these events by announcing them across all your channels. You can also use catchy phrases such as:

“Do not miss the big reveal”, or “Join our event to find out about our new product before anyone else”

10- Adjust your target segmentation 

There is no point in promoting a new product to all your customers when it is clearly obvious that not everyone will be interested in it.=

Segmenting your target audience is not something that you do once and that’s it. It is something that requires constant reviewing and updating. Therefore, before promoting every new product, you should review your target audience and adjust your target segmentation options if necessary. 

The best channels to use to promote a new product for eCommerce

best channels to use to promote a new product

As we mentioned earlier, promoting your new product across different channels and synchronizing them together is essential. Fortunately, the channels you can use to promote a new eCommerce product are numerous:

  • Emails

Again, email marketing is an effective way to promote a new product; therefore, emails are one of the first channels you should take advantage of. 

  • Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms offer you the chance to promote your new product whether by paying or organically. You can always launch paid ads campaigns on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook or you can promote your product organically by sharing posts on your accounts.

  • SMS

Never underestimate the power of SMS as a channel for promotion. It is always a good choice to integrate mobile commerce into your new product promotional strategy.

  • Blogs

Another channel that can allow you to promote your new product organically is your blog. Try to write creative articles about your product where you highlight how this new product will solve a specific problem that your audience has. Also, make sure that these articles are search engine optimized.

  • Your eCommerce Website

Your website is, of course, the initial channel on which you should depend in promoting your new product. You can always create a “New Arrivals” section on your website and announce every new product on your homepage. 

Do not forget to use the entry pop-ups and the upselling buttons that we’ve talked about. 

Examples of eCommerce brands successfully using two of the previously mentioned tactics:

1- Burrow Furniture

Burrow Furniture always utilizes email marketing to promote its new products, and it uses catchy phrases in the subject lines to grab attention. 

Burrow Furniture


2- Method

Method is an eCommerce brand that creates products for personal care, home care, and other things. This brand has succeeded in utilizing influencer marketing to promote new products. 

There was this one time when they collaborated with a popular designer and artist Rebecca Atwood who have 82 thousand followers on Instagram. 

To promote these new products, they depended on influencers and content creators. Every creator in this campaign used their own style and came up with colorful shots that highlighted method’s limited edition collaboration with designer/artist Rebecca Atwood.


Final Thoughts:

Promoting a new product can be very crucial for your eCommerce business. It can also be very challenging. However, if you work on implementing the previously discussed tactics and combine them with the use of an automation tool, we guarantee that it will be an easy road for you. offers you a marketing automation tool that can simplify the process of promoting a new product by doing the following:

  • Segmenting your target audience.
  • Reaching your customers across all different channels by building, customizing, automating, and launching personalized ads, SMS, and email marketing campaigns about your new products.

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